Aptos NFTs Rising In Popularity Over Solana NFTs!

Aptos NFTs Rising In Popularity Over Solana NFTs!

These past few months have been a rough one for Solana NFTs as the community heavily disputes and argues on issues surrounding creator royalties. Newly launched Aptos seems to have taken advantage of this, taking not only Solana’s spotlight but many of its investors too.

Solana’s Fall

According to data from Dune, the number one NFT marketplace for Solana NFTs, Magic Eden, has been seeing a rather negative downturn in the volume of SOL NFTs being traded per day, going from 100,700 SOL traded last Friday to just 58,400 SOL worth being traded on Monday.

Aside from that, data analytics platform Nansen shows that Solana NFT trading volume has dropped by up to 33% over the past 30 days, all the while Ethereum’s is up by 6%.

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Aptos’ Rise

Despite Solana’s downtrend, the newly launched and rising Aptos on the other hand, has been seeing its NFTs sell considerably well. Dubbed the ‘Solana killer’, Aptos did receive some criticism after launching at first, with some in the community claiming that it underdelivered its promises. However, its NFTs are still doing rather well.

The Aptos NFT marketplace Topaz has reportedly made $5.46 million in NFT trades since its launch back on October 18th. The biggest NFT collection in that marketplace, Aptos Monkeys alone was reportedly successful in raking in more than $2.3 million in trading volume.

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Despite this however, some in the community claim that these huge numbers Aptos NFTs are currently seeing are more or less just short term hype, arguing that when the hype dies down is when the community will really be able to see whether Aptos goes head to head against Solana NFTs.

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