Swiss-Based Bank SEBA Launches NFT Custody Service!

Swiss-based Bank SEBA Launches NFT Custody Service!

The newest service launched by SEBA now allows its institutional investors to store some of their Ethereum based blue-chip NFTs.

About The New Service

Despite the NFT market cooling down in both price and trading volumes these past months, SEBA, a crypto-friendly bank based in Switzerland has recently announced that they have added a new NFT custody service for institutional clients to be able to safely and securely store some of their most important NFTs without needing to manage the private keys themselves.

Some of the NFTs that the bank will allow in these custody service include some major blue-chip collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and CryptoPunks, though they clarified that “the custody service offered is by no means restricted to just top collections.

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SEBA Bank is proud to be the first regulated bank to offer NFT custody and we believe that in the coming years, digital assets, including NFTs, will gain adoption and will be increasingly accepted even by traditional finance operators,” a spokesperson for SEBA said.

Why NFTs

Although the NFT market hasn’t been producing the same numbers it used to earlier this year or last year, it seems that SEBA had decided to launch this service with a positive optimism towards the future of NFTs.

Their spokesperson said, “A lot of investors who held NFTs have continued to stay in the market showing conviction despite the market downturn.

Another thing to note is also the fact that despite cryptocurrencies and NFTs being generally down these last few months, the two have been reportedly attracting quite a lot of institutional investors, which for the most part seem to only be waiting for regulatory clarity before fully investing. It’s also because of this that SEBA had presented this custodial offer to become more appealing to institutional investors.

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