NOKIA Predicts The Smartphone Will be Replaced by The Metaverse In the Future

NOKIA Predicts The Smartphone Will be Replaced by The Metaverse In the Future.

A company that was among the first to manufacture a consumer-grade mobile phone system, Nokia, predicts that mobile phones will become obsolete as a result of the metaverse.

Several activities will be available within these metaverse experiences using virtual reality (VR) headsets and augmented reality glasses.

Forecasting The Fall of Smartphone

As a result of the metaverse, Nokia predicts that mobile phones will lose their popularity in the near future. 

There will still be phones, but the second half of the decade will see a shift toward metaverse experiences as the preferred means of communication.

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Even though augmented reality devices are still a ways off, Nokia believes that the interest in these devices will grow, fueling this metaverse initiative.

Nishant Batra, Nokia’s chief strategy and technology officer said “Our belief is that this device will be overtaken by a metaverse experience in the second half of the decade.”

The Rise of Digital World Will Depend on Some Keys Factors

As far as consumers are concerned, Nokia believes the rise of this digital world will be determined by a number of factors, including the push by companies like Meta to make the metaverse a mainstream phenomenon.

It has also been stated by the executive before that consumers are more concerned about price and forms than institutions.

“Widespread adoption of the technology from both corporations and consumers will be critical for it to really take off, and this will also depend on the availability of affordable, ergonomic wirelessly connected VR and AR devices,” he said.

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The price of Meta’s base headset increased to $400 in July, showing that prices for popular metaverse headsets have gone up recently

In addition to the Quest Pro VR, the company also introduced a $1,500 premium option earlier this month.

According to the company, monetization of the metaverse will be difficult because of fragmentation, and it will depend on the development of new use cases for metaverse experiences.

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