NBA Champion Steph Curry Fills a Curryverse Trademark Application

A trademark application for “Curryverse” was filed by National Basketball League (NBA) megastar Steph Curry on Oct. 26. The trademark application is a version of the Metaverse that Curry wants to bring to the NBA’s 650 million fans.

The Trademark Will Grant The NBA Exclusive Rights

The four-time NBA champion will be granted exclusive rights to  “entertainment services, namely, personal and virtual and metaversal appearances.” if the trademark application, filed by SC30 Inc., is approved.

As part of the Curryverse, there will be “online gaming services in the nature of virtual worlds,” where players will earn both fungible and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which can be exchanged or bought and sold at an “online marketplace”.

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Additionally, The application includes services for virtual clothing and goods, business management, investment, charitable fundraising, and software as a service (SaaS) that facilitates the design, promotion, selling, and exchanging of NFTs.

Will More Likely Attracting Many Attention

There are no specific details about Curryverse yet, but the NBA star’s metaverse will likely capture a lot of attention given his 47 million Instagram followers and 17.1 million Twitter followers.

It may be Curry’s first metaverse-related trademark, but it isn’t his first foray into Web3 technology.

Curry joined NFT after purchasing the Bored Ape Yacht Club for $206,000 in August 2021.

Curry became an active member of the Bored Ape Discord group and changed his Twitter profile picture to depict his newly acquired ape.

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“@StephenCurry30  just casually chillin in the bored ape discord 🔥🦧📈” said one Twitter user. 

Golf is another passion of the Golden State Warriors player, which led him to invest in LinksDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization aimed at building the “world’s greatest golf community.”

Additionally, he starred in an advertisement for FTX in March as part of his ambassadorship role.

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