Toda, A City In Japan Using Metaverse To Tackle Absenteeism

Toda, A City In Japan Using Metaverse To Tackle Absenteeism.

Toda City, in north of Tokyo, is utilizing metaverse-based solutions to combat the nation’s absenteeism issue. Children are included in the city’s virtual environments where they can explore digital campuses and take online lessons in preparation for later returning to traditional classroom settings.

Using Metaverse to Fight Absenteeism

According to official statistics, 244,940 Japanese elementary and junior high school students missed at least 30 days of school in FY 2021.

The city of Toda chose the metaverse schooling service, which enables students to wander the campus and learn in virtual classrooms. According to local media NHK, pupils must first receive permission from their respective school principals to attend classes in the metaverse.

The kids, who are alleged to have attendance issues at school, use a program developed by a nonprofit last year with the intention of allowing kids explore virtual worlds.

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The kids can visit a virtual university and take virtual lessons in this digital realm to get ready for returning to regular classes. At least, this is the hope of city officials, who have also suggested that if the principal agrees, these metaverse classes might be counted as regular school hours.

The director of the city’s education center, Sugimori Masayuki, dreams of the day when participants in this program can live on their own.

According to an NHK story, a fifth-grader preferred internet chats to going to class in person. Despite the fact that the youngster hasn’t really been to school in over two years, they still had a common interest in getting together with pals to play outside games like tag.

In Japan, absenteeism from school is becoming a significant issue. According to a recent poll by the Japanese education ministry, 244,940 children missed at least 30 days of school in 2021. According to officials, this may be connected to the Covid-19 pandemic and how it affected the way that kids interact with one another.

Japanese media have also suggested that the Covid-19 environment could be to blame for a record number of student suicides in 2020.

Metaverse Education Gaining Interest

The metaverse has gained support from numerous educational institutions from various fields as a tool for instruction. The University of Tokyo declared in July that later this year, it would begin providing a number of engineering courses in the metaverse. One of the nation’s first metaverse majors will be established in China at the University of Nanjing, which will train students for apparently occupations relating to the metaverse.

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Ten American colleges declared in September that they had begun building their virtual campuses with Meta’s assistance as part of its $150 million immersive learning initiative.

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