Here’s Why Mark Cuban Says He’s Bullish on The Eth Merge!

Here’s why Mark Cuban says he’s bullish on the Eth Merge! With the Ethereum Merge to proof-of-stake not too far away, many notable figures in the crypto community have voiced their opinions on the matter. Mark Cuban is no different as he expressed extreme bullishness for the much needed change.

Bullish On Ethereum

In a recent interview with Fortune, the billionaire Mark Cuban explains that he seemingly has a very bullish view on Ethereum and especially so on the upcoming Ethereum merge in September.

Cuban explains that he himself is a fan of Ethereum’s upcoming merge to become a proof-of-stake consensus, saying that it will have many benefits for the cryptocurrency in the future.

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The main reason why Cuban seems to feel bullish on Ethereum after the merge seems to be the decrease in energy consumption that it promotes. 

When transforming into a proof-of-stake consensus, Ethereum will decrease a massive 99% of its energy consumption as Ethereum miners will no longer be needed to mine the next wave of Ethereum tokens, making it much more eco-friendly in general.

I’m a fan of the merge, I think the energy usage issue is important.” Mark Cuban tells Fortune.

But it’s long term. I don’t [know] if and when it goes up.” Despite this, Cuban continues, “I think the applications to drive usage will be there.

Cuban’s Take On Crypto

Mark Cuban has long been known to be a fan of cryptocurrencies in general, often being vocal on his views on certain crypto tokens through his social media.

Most recently though, Cuban got into a heated debate, slamming the SEC’s chair on his comments on creating regulations for cryptocurrencies.

In a recent tweet, Cuban argued that despite the fact that the SEC is continuously pushing for crypto regulation, they continue to fail creating easy-to-understand guidelines for exchanges and other crypto firms to follow.

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