Here Is Why Alchemy Acquired WEB3 Education Platform, ChainShot!

Alchemy announces the acquisition of ChainShot! See the details! On August 25th, Alchemy, a WEB3 developer platform, announced the partnership with ChainShot, an education platform for aspiring WEB3 developers. 

The Announcement

On August 25th, Alchemy, a WEB3 developer platform, announced on its official website the acquisition of ChainShot, a platform that provides education for aspiring WEB3 developers.

Alchemy and ChainShot

According to Alchemy, one of the issues to entering the WEB3 industry is education. Sometimes, educational institutions cannot keep up with the fast-changing environment in the industry. The curriculum can change almost every day as people in the industry continue to redefine the use of blockchain technology. It is one of the reasons Alchemy acquired ChainShot, which is a big step towards free access to high-quality WEB3 education.

ChainShot helps developers to enter the WEB3 industry with its bootcamp. In the bootcamp, developers can learn many things, such as a deep understanding of Ethereum, build and deploy dApps, and many more.

Alchemy mentioned a lot of things that made them decide to work together. One of the goals is to make the integration of ChainShot’s programs and Alchemy’s programs as smooth as possible for students. 

Alchemy stated, “We are still ironing out how the pieces will come together, but one thing is certain: all of ChainShot’s course content that previously cost upwards of $3,000 will be 100% free.”

Alchemy closed the announcement by stating its excitement to welcome ChainShot into the family.

Since the news dropped, many people have been showing their excitement for the program. It is a good chance for anyone in the community who is interested in learning more and working in the industry.

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