Here Are The Details Of Ethereum Testnet For Shanghai Upgrade

Here Are The Details Of Ethereum Testnet For Shanghai Upgrade.

With the Shanghai upgrade, the next critical improvement to the Ethereum network will bring stalled ETH withdrawals and lower gas fees.

Shandong, the testnet version for Ethereum, has now gone live, and developers can now begin implementing the changes; this process is expected to take until September 2023.

The Next Steps After The Merge

The update marks the first major update since Ethereum switched to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) in September after the merger of the Mainnet and Beacon Chains.

As part of the coming upgrade, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the technology that powers smart contracts on the network, will undergo a fundamental change.

A key benefit of EIP-3540, or EVM object format, is the separation of data and coding, which could be useful for on-chain validation.

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In an interview with Cointelegraph, Axelar’s content lead, Galen Moore, explained the proposal.

“From my perspective, EIP 3540 is the most significant upgrade proposed for Shanghai. It’s a further step toward interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently, Layer-2 networks on Ethereum use a cumbersome code validation process,” he said.

“ EIP 3540 separates code and data, making that process more efficient. It’s especially good news for the growing ecosystem of Polygon Supernets — dAppchains built on Polygon Edge,” he added.

Another Proposal 

EIP-4895 provides the possibility of withdrawing staked ETH and earnings via Beacon Chain, which is another proposal to be expected.

As a way to maintain network stability, validators with staked ETH cannot withdraw funds directly at this time.

As part of the upgrade, changes will also be made to layer-2 protocols, reducing gas prices through the equalization of block sizes and the improvement of calldata efficiency.

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“When specialized chains can build on a Layer-2 like Polygon and reduce the cost of communicating with the base chain Ethereum, that reduces gas prices for users everywhere in the ecosystem — by making it more efficient to scale horizontally in a way that spreads demand,” Moore said. 

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