Here’s The Plan for “The Scourge”, The Next Step after The Ethereum Merge 

Here’s The Plan for “The Scourge”, The Next Step after The Ethereum Merge.

Vitalik Buterin published an infographic Friday detailing upcoming improvements to Ethereum’s network, including an addition to the verge milestone and the creation of a new stage named the scourge.

“Updated roadmap diagram!” Buterion wrote on Twitter citing the step of Ethereum Upgrade. 

An Introduction to The Scourge After Ethereum Merge

According to Buterin, the scourge aims to “ensure reliable and fair credibly neutral transaction inclusion” as well as solving MEV issues.

According to the Ethereum Foundation, MEV stands for Maximum Extractable Value, which is defined as the maximum value that can be extracted from block production in addition to the standard block reward and gas fees through the inclusion, exclusion, and reordering of transactions in blocks.

As part of the scourge, transactions should be neutral, and centralization should be avoided. There may be pre-confirmations in the protocol and protection against frontrunning as well.

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Furthermore, the Scourge involved PBS, or Proposer Builder Separation, is another scourge aimed at increasing network security and preventing MEV-related attacks by splitting up the process of proposing blocks and constructing them.

Adding a “Single-slot Finality”

In addition to the scourge, Buterin emphasized that the second stage of the Ethereum merger will include “single-slot finality.”

Essentially, single-slot finality means that Ethereum can be engineered to finalize a block in one slot instead of the current 64-95 slots. It would improve the overall speed at which Ethereum transactions are finalized.

In order to implement such a feature, however, a number of questions still need to be answered, including the algorithm and validator concerns, according to the Ethereum Foundation.

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“Big changes: * The Verge✅ is not just about “verkle trees”, it’s about “verification”. Endgame: fully SNARKed ethereum. * The Scourge🧟(new): ensure reliable and fair credibly neutral transaction inclusion, solve MEV issues * Single slot finality as stage 2 Merge🐼 milestone,” he wrote on Twitter

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