Yuga Labs’ Sewers Reopen For “Lick The Toad” Event! Here’s What You Need To Know!

Yuga Labs’ Sewers Reopen For “Lick The Toad” Event! Here’s What You Need To Know! 

Following the end of Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash Games earlier this month, the team have finally reopened their Sewer for users to experience the next chapter of the Jimmy The Monkey Trial, Toad Mode.

Lick The Toad

This second part of the Trial is a chance for users to be able to earn a unique companion trait to go with the Power Source that they earned in the Dookey Dash game.

This means that any user who still has a N/A Sewer Pass, or a Sewer Pass that essentially has no points from the Dookey Dash game, will still be able to participate and join the upcoming Summoning event by summoning a companion earned through the Tode Mode game.

The Yuga Labs team had also further tweeted a teaser of an image of a number of fluffy one-eyed creatures which could be hinting at what these “companions” could look like.

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Who Will Win The Prize

Unlike the previous Dookey Dash game, however, the eligibility for earning a Companion in Toad Mode will apply slightly differently. 

According to Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano (@CryptoGarga), participants will have one week to compete, and only those who achieve a score within the top 500, OR a “top 2k Toad Points score at the end of the week,” will win the prize.

Scores earned in Toad Mode will also not affect the scores that participants may have earned in Dookey Dash.

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