BLUR Marketplace To Give $300M Tokens To ‘Loyal’ Users!

BLUR Marketplace To Give $300M Tokens To ‘Loyal’ Users! 

Earlier today, rising NFT marketplace BLUR announced through their Twitter that they will be airdropping $300 million worth of additional tokens to “loyal” users of its platform during the platform’s Season 2.

Token Distribution

According to Blur, the higher a users’ “loyalty points” on the platform, the more likely they are to earn Mythical Care Packages and receiving more $BLUR tokens. 

To earn loyalty points, users are encouraged to interact and commit more to the platform, with users gaining a 100% loyalty score through only listing their NFTs on BLUR and not any other NFT marketplace. 

“In Season 2, you get a 100% loyalty score if you don’t have listings anywhere else. Use our new maximize loyalty button to remove your third party listings and get your score to 100% in a single transaction.” The BLUR team wrote.

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The team also further explains that any action, no matter how small, can help increase a user’s likelihood of receiving more tokens under this new loyalty system. Actions like quote-tweeting the company’s Twitter announcement regarding Season 2 itself could even help boost a users loyalty points.


This loyalty point system with promises of $BLUR airdrop has become the latest fuel to fire the ongoing war BLUR has been waging against top NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Earlier this month, BLUR’s Season 1 airdrop of $BLUR tokens proved to be a massive success that boosted the number of active users and trading activity on the platform. Since then, OpenSea has been making efforts to bring users back towards their own marketplace by eliminating its own 2.5% fee for a limited amount of time as well as cutting down creator royalty protections.

Both marketplaces Blur and OpenSea have continuously been fighting for the top spot as both companies have offered perks to users who blocklist the other.

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