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Web3 Creates the Emergence of Subgenre of NFT Music

As the industry embraces Web3 technologies, music-related use cases are accumulating. The hype surrounding music NFTs grows as the NFTs become more popular. Hundreds of music NFT projects are emerging on Twitter, creating what can be seen as almost a subgenre of NFT music.

NFTs are Breaking Genre

Adrien Stern, CEO and founder of Reveel, a Revenue Share Protocol that distributes Web3 earnings with collaborators in a transparent, gas-efficient, and composable way.

“Music NFTs are an anti-genre. We’re seeing a lot more diversity and creative freedom in NFTs — as if artists are finally free to create for the sake of creating and not to fit the algorithms,” said Stern.

 “There is no doubt that artists have been freed creatively by NFTs. They no longer have to write music that will work on a 30-second TikTok video,” added him.

The example for this is Sammy Arriaga, NFT musician who sells more than 4,000 music NFT through his TikTok and Twitter.

Use Technology to Create a Better Experience

Jeremy Fall, the founder of Web3 record label said to Cointelegraph that the idea is “To utilize the technology to be able to create an ancillary experience around music that people couldn’t get before.”

Meanwhile, Thomas “Pip” Pipolo, NFT musician and blockchain music label creator said that “The drive to create music and then using NFTs as an artistic tool to have an actual product to sell to fans and investors is what motivates me.”

As for music hyped up for NFT creation, Pipolo describes good music as good music, and bad music as bad music, regardless of whether it is in Web2 or Web3.

“What I think is important to take away from ‘bad’ or ‘lesser quality’ music selling is that artists are selling more than their music,” added him.

The importance of technology lies in enabling artists to benefit from tools like Twitter that allow them to tell their stories and sell their personalities while giving fans a sense of ownership and participation rather than just being fans.

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