Azuki’s Bobu Returns From Space, Sparking Rumors Of Something New Coming!

Azuki’s Bobu Returns From Space, Sparking Rumors Of Something New Coming!

Recently, after Azuki’s Bobu The Bean Farmer was first announced to collaborate with SpaceX & NASA to become the first ever NFT in space earlier this year, Bobu has since been announced to have arrived and landed back on earth!

About The Travel

On March 23rd, Azuki NFT #40, also known as Bobu made history by becoming the first ever NFT to travel to outer space through being stored in a Ledger that was then brought by the Crew-4 on a mission to the International Space Station.

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Since then, this September 14th, the Azuki team announced through a short video that Bobu, along with the rest of the crew have landed back on earth after a successful trip.

Hints At Something Bigger?

With many in the community celebrating Azuki’s Bobu’s adventure, some have also been questioning whether this return from space could possibly be hinting at something bigger that may be coming to the Azuki collection.

This theory goes hand-in-hand with the fact that a month ago, Azuki released new art for their official website, promoting their new “The Alley”. In this art, the community noticed that a calender in the background was marked for dates in mid-September as well as October, depending on whether it was viewed through a PC or a mobile device.

Many theories were swirling when this new detail was revealed, with ideas ranging from a possible Metaverse to plans for another upcoming project like Beanz.

However, now with the return of Bobu The Bean Farmer, some in the community have been wondering whether this beloved character will have something to do with the marked dates that Azuki had been hinting at, perhaps a project in relation to Bobu.

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