DeGods Brings Back 500 Of Their Burned NFTs Through Bitcoin!

DeGods Brings Back 500 Of Their Burned NFTs Through Bitcoin! 

One of the biggest NFT collections on Solana right now has just surprised many in its community after its founder recently announced that they will be bringing back their previously burned NFTs in a new and different way.

535 Burned DeGods

One year ago, the team behind the DeGods NFT collection burned up to 535 different DeGods NFTs, after which many in the community suspected that these burned NFTs will be brought back and revived one way or another.

Today, DeGods founder Frank DeGods made the surprising announcement that the 535 burned DeGods will be resurrected on the Bitcoin blockchain as Ordinals.

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With Bitcoin Ordinals gaining massive attention within the community this past month, Frank DeGods explains further that the team had secured an entire Bitcoin block for all the 535 NFTs, wanting to use Bitcoin as a way to innovate the project further.

Spent the whole week talking to some of the leading Ordinals builders working on wallets, marketplaces, etc. We’ve secured an entire block with 535 individual NFTs, all under 100K inscription count and hopefully by the time we open this up… the infrastructure is ready. Ready for more conversations. Le’ss get to work.” Frank wrote.

Although these NFTs being made into Bitcoin Ordinals will alter the quality of the artwork, Frank explains that he thinks “there’s something beautiful about the degraded, compressed nature of the low-res DeGods.”

They’re blurry & pixelated… but truly permanent. What is dead may never die.” The DeGods founder wrote.

DeGods’ Other Plans

Aside from this surprising move made on Bitcoin, DeGods as well as Frank’s other project, y00ts NFTs have made some buzz in the community after announcing their plans to move and breach away from the Solana network late last year.

Frank has also tweeted out reassuring holders that the new move to Bitcoin will only be applied to the 535 previously burned NFTs, and that plans for DeGods’ move to Ethereum and y00ts’ move to Polygon will remain the same.

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