Yuga Labs’ Gordon Goner Clears The Air Surrounding Nazi Accusations 

Yuga Labs’ Gordon Goner Clears The Air Surrounding Nazi Accusations. 

Despite having announced his leave from being a Yuga Labs core team member just a few weeks prior, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) co-founder Gordon Goner, has recently come out once again to clear up and debunk the massive accusations that are continuously being made against BAYC and Yuga Labs.

Gordon Goner Disputes Nazi Rumors 

Back in 2022, a number of NFT community members have stepped up to accuse Yuga Labs of being anti semitic, arguing that the team had purposely included Nazi symbolism in their BAYC NFT traits, logo, and more.

Since then, the team has continuously debunked these accusations, with Wylie Aronow, better known as Gordon Goner online, now stepping up once more to clear the air around the rumors once again before fully stepping away from Social Media periodically to focus on his health.

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In an exclusive letter provided to CoinDesk, the co-founder explains that he and his team had been subject to these crazy radical conspiracies for the past year. 

“…My co-founders and I have been the subject of a conspiracy that we’re supposedly secret, alt-right, esoteric, Nazi pedophiles who encoded secret Nazi messages on behalf of several extremely fringe alt-right or far-right internet groups.” 

I’ll start off by saying that we’ve already publicly shown these allegations are simply lies. Some of my co-founders have even testified under oath to the true facts. Anyone who thinks we’re only refuting these lies in just a letter is wrong.

Aronow goes on to talk about a number of the accusations made, including the fact that the team had previously made “offensive” traits for their NFTs, including risig sun flags for BAKC and “Kamikaze headbands” for BAYC. To this, Aronow explains that the team had not realized the offensive meanings behind these designs and pointed out that the team apologized as well as changed the designs of these traits back in 2021.

He then argues against one of the biggest theories surrounding the Nazi accusations made against BAYC, that the team had gotten inspiration for their BAYC logo from a Nazi emblem. To this, Aronow explains that the team had gained inspiration from the popular patch design from thousands of other motorcycle club patch logos. 

Aronow also wrote that he and all his team members would never deliberately create hateful content, arguing that he and his co-founders are all “almost comically liberal.” Aronow also pointed out that he himself is an Ashkenazi Jew by heritage and that the other 3 co-founders are all children of immigrants, arguing that it would not make sense for them to support such alt-right views.

“I get that a lot of the broader world doesn’t understand crypto or NFTs. I get the skepticism. There are a lot of bad actors in the space and the recent collapse of FTX makes the industry look like a f*cking cesspit of phonies. But whether you choose to believe it or not: we’ve done everything straight up.” Aronow wrote, “Whether you dig NFTs or not: we run an honest company and built an honest product that a lot of diverse people from all over the world love.”

Yuga Labs vs Ryder Ripps

At the same time this is going on, the person who had been credited for first initiating these rumors against BAYC and Yuga Labs, Ryder Ripps, is still in the process of an ongoing lawsuit with Yuga Labs themselves.

Unrelated to the accusations being made, Yuga Labs is currently attempting to sue Ripps for copying BAYC’s copyright artwork after the latter made a fake derivative collection earlier in 2022.

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