Cool Cats Hints At Collab With The Hundreds For New Clothing Line!

Cool Cats hints at collab with The Hundreds for new clothing line! 

The Upcoming Collab

Today, the American streetwear brand The Hundreds recently teased through their twitter, a hint of their upcoming collaboration with the Cool Cats NFT collection. The tweet featured 19 different cool cats faces illustrated in the The Hundreds’ ‘Adam Bomb’ style, captioning the tweet with a simple: ‘We’re up to something’.

With The Hundreds’ reputation as being a streetwear fashion brand, many in the community are expecting the collaboration to be a new line of clothing made by The Hundreds using a number of Cool Cats’ NFTs.

This mostly started back in January when a few Twitter users noticed that The Hundreds’ wallets sweeped a number of Cool Cats NFTs. However, after months of no confirmation, many have since forgotten the event without thinking much of it. 

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Now it seems, however, that the Cool Cats bought by The Hundreds could possibly be the ones that are going to be used for the upcoming clothing line.

So far, neither Cool Cats or The Hundreds have provided anymore information or details regarding their upcoming collaboration yet.

The Hundreds x NFT Projects

This isn’t the first time The Hundreds has collaborated with an NFT collection to make merchandise or clothing lines. The streetwear brand has previously worked with both Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks to make a number of different fashion items such as hoodies and hats before.

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