Azuki NFTs Rumored To Hold An Auction For Golden Guitars Next!

Azuki NFT Rumored To Hold An Auction For Golden Guitars Next! 

Just weeks after their last successful golden skateboard auction, rumors are spreading around the community about the Azuki collections’ next possible auction.

Golden Guitars?

On October 22nd, the Azuki collection successfully concluded their auction for their 8 limited edition Golden Skateboards, their first line of items to make use of their new Physical Backed Token technology.

That auction had ended extremely successfully, with the team successfully having raised a total of $2.5 Million for all 8 of the skateboards.

Since then, recently many in the community have been in talks of whether ‘golden guitars’ could be the next line of physical items to be auctioned off by the collection. 

These rumors stem from the fact that artwork featured on the Azuki website clearly shows a golden skateboard being displayed along with other items like a golden guitar and a golden broom in the background. Not only that but the fact that guitars are actually a trait featured in the Azuki collection has made it more convincing for the community that the team could make physical guitars next.

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Because of these rumors spreading around, many in the community have been noticing that a number of investors have been sweeping and buying Azuki NFTs specifically that feature the “red guitar” trait, perhaps in preparation for these NFTs prices to rise in case the team does reveal a line of ‘golden guitar’ for auction in the future.

Increase Of Physical Items

With Azuki having just launched their new ‘physical backed tokens’ technology along with the successful auction of their golden skateboards, it seems that the collection will focus on creating more physical items in the near future.

The collection seemed to first hint at focusing on creating more physical items when they launched their special limited bomber jackets to Azuki holders earlier this year. These jackets along with the recent golden skateboards seem to show that the Azuki team are incredibly focused on making ‘high quality’ physical products, preferring to shift their attention to quality of over its quantity.

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