Azuki Becomes First NFT To Feature On An F1 Car!

Azuki Becomes First NFT To Feature On An F1 Car!

Azuki x Red Bull Racing

Recently on November 17th, Oracle Red Bull Racing, a Formula One racing team, announced that they will be featuring a very special Azuki NFT on their car for the 2022 season finale in Abu Dhabi.

This was done as part of a collaboration alongside the Azuki NFT collection as well as cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, and will mark Azuki as the very first NFT to be featured on a Formula 1 car ever.

The NFT to be featured will be Azuki #8494, also named as Lei the Lightening Azuki. This Azuki is reportedly a limited-edition NFT which is set to be minted on the Tezos blockchain and available through Bybit’s NFT marketplace.

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This is a unique piece of artwork and a timeless moment. We anticipate exciting things from this unique collaboration and Lei the Lightning Azuki.” Bybit’s co-founder Ben Zhou said.

He’s such a striking character and a bridge linking the racing, crypto, and NFT communities. We know they are all going to jump at the chance to own a piece of history.

Azuki Holders To Receive Specials

To celebrate this moment, Azuki has announced some exciting features for all Azuki holders to be able to take part in. 

Through their Twitter, the Azuki team announced that all Azuki holders have been airdropped a new special racing jacket for their Azuki’s. This jackets given match that worn by Lei the Lightning Azuki and when worn and shared to Twitter, Azuki holders will be able to earn a unique community badge.

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