Polygon NFT Sales Top Ethereum For Second Straight Month!

Polygon NFT Sales Top Ethereum For Second Straight Month! 

This past January, the NFT market saw signs of revival as multiple collections began to see their sales volumes soar again amidst bullishness within the community. Surprisingly however, instead of the leading blockchain Ethereum seeing the most NFT sales like it usually did, Polygon surprised many by becoming the network with the most NFT sales for the second month in a row.

Polygon NFTs Rise

OpenSea data shows that the platform had handled over 1.5 million NFT sales on Polygon, a little higher than Decembers 1.3 million. This means that Polygon has outnumbered Ethereum’s NFT sales for the past two months, which had only seen 995,000 NFT sold in December and 1.1 million in January.

The number of Polygon NFT traders have also recently reached a new all-time high of 224,719 traders in January, numbers that the network hadn’t seen since September 2021.

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Why Is Polygon Growing?

There is a number of reasons that may have contributed to Polygon NFTs growing popularity, one of which is Polygon’s massive brand deals and partnerships within the past few months.

In just a few months, Polygon announced some massive partnerships with notable brands like Meta, Starbucks, Nike, and Reddit, which have helped to bring mainstream attention as well as extreme bullishness from the NFT community towards the network. 

Not only that, a number of popular NFT collections have also started to join the Polygon network, including former US president Donald Trump who launched his “Trump Digital Trading Cards” NFTs on Polygon.

Trump’s NFTs had quickly gained popularity and become the networks top project by sales value, recording 5,517 sales totaling 1,760 Eth ($9.2 million) in January alone.

Aside from that, other major contributions include the second most popular Solana-based NFT collection, y00ts, announcing their move to Polygon sometime this year. 

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