Polygon Becomes The Only Blockchain To Join Disney’s Accelerator Program

Polygon becomes the only blockchain to join Disney’s accelerator program. Disney recently announced 6 different web3 companies that have been added to its accelerator program for 2022, one of which was revealed to be Polygon.

What is The Accelerator Program

According to Disney, the accelerator program is a business and development program designed to spur the growth of innovative companies around the world.

Participants of the program will be provided with investment capital, access to co-working space in LA, and mentor support & guidance from Disney executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders.

This year’s accelerator program is said to be focused on building the future of immersive experiences through technologies like augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and NFTs.

Web3 Companies Chosen

Ryan Watt, CEO of Polygon Studios, noted that Polygon was “the only blockchain selected” to take part in the program. He added that this “speaks volumes to the work being done [at Polygon], and where we’re going as a company.

In addition to being the only blockchain selected, Polygon is also a leading blockchain project in its own right. Its MATIC token is currently the 18th largest cryptocurrency on the market and since the Disney program announcement, the token was up 5.7% over the last 24 hours.

Polygon was chosen along with 5 other Web3 companies including the Web3 social media app Flickplay, artificial intelligence platform Inworld, Web3 storytelling platform Lockerverse, augmented reality company Red 6, and Obsess, an “experimental” e-commerce platform. 

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