ENS Double To 2 Million Addresses In Just Four Months!

ENS or the Ethereum Name Service, double to 2 million addresses in just four months!

Reaching The 2M Milestone

Ethereum Name Service, or ENS as they’re commonly known, have reached a new record today as they surpassed the 2 million mark in ENS domain registrations.

This news comes after the ENS domains saw a massive spike in adoption back in June, with even more people in the community rushing to get their exclusive ENS domains ahead of the Ethereum merge.

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Like the ENS team mentions in their tweet, this 2 million registration milestone is extremely special and exciting especially due to how quickly they were able to grow. 

It took 5 years to get to 1M names. Then 3.5 months to get to 2M names, the account tweeted.

What Is An ENS?

Ethereum Name Service tackles the issue that comes along with crypto wallets where wallet addresses are often times far too long to easily remember or type. Because of this ENS provides users to have simple “.eth” domain names to be linked to their ETH wallet rather than the long string of random letters and numbers.

Despite the current crypto bear market, it seems that ENS domains have been heavily sought out this year. In July, according to Dune Analytics, the number of ENS registrations surpassed 378,000, making it the month with the most registrations.

Not to mention a number of ‘rare’ domain names being bought recently for extremely high sums of money, anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to even one million dollars.

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Currently, there are a lot of expectations for the Ethereum blockchain, especially with the ETH merge coming up later in September supposedly making the blockchain more efficient. With this, many in the community have seem to jump in on the hype and excitement through buying their own ETH domain name to reserve their spot in this space.

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