More Concerns About Tornado Cash, This Time From The EFF

The EFF expresses concern about Tornado Cash! See the details! The news about crypto mixer Tornado Cash seems to keep appearing these days. On August 15th, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an international non-profit digital rights group, addressed the issue of Tornado Cash on Twitter.

Recent News about Tornado Cash

These past few days, crypto influencers, investors, and firms have been dropping their views about Tornado Cash, which was sanctioned by The US Treasury last week due to its involvement in money laundering. Since the first news dropped, there has been disagreement in the community regarding the decision. They defended the crypto mixer as they mostly used it as a tool to keep data and information private. 

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Even Tornado Cash defended themselves on Twitter. On August 9th, Tornado Cash replied to Vitalik Buterin, in which he admitted to using the platform for Ukraine donations. Tornado Cash said, “One of many valid use cases of privacy protocols: donating to a cause that might get you in trouble if done publicly.”

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The EFF on Tornado Cash

Now, it is time for The EFF to speak up about the issue. On August 15th, they stated they were deeply concerned about the decision by The US Treasury via Twitter.

The EFF stated, “EFF is deeply concerned that the US Treasury Department has included an open source computer project, Tornado Cash, on its list of sanctioned individuals.” 

They also talked about how code can be considered a speech. The statement may be related to the previous news about the arrest of the Tornado Cash developer in Amsterdam, in which people showed their shock that someone could get arrested for writing a code.

The EFF tweeted, “Code has long [been] recognized as speech, so there are clear First Amendment implications whenever the government inhibits the publication of computer code on a public website.”

Until now, many Twitter accounts are still dropping their views on the Tornado Cash situation.

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