Why The Art Gobblers NFTs Have Been Receiving Massive Criticism!

Why The Art Gobblers NFTs Have Been Receiving Massive Criticism! 

About The Art Gobblers

The Art Gobblers NFTs collection have arguably been one of the most hyped mints within the last few months, with many in the NFT community excited about the future of the new PFP part art project and part game project collection.

Made by the popular cartoon Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, the NFT project was relatively successful, with the collection now boasting a floor price of 13.69 ETH after  minting first began less than 24 hours ago for whitelisted users.

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Criticism From The Community

Despite its initial success however, the Art Gobblers NFTs have since received quite a lot of criticism from the NFT community. All this criticism mostly stems from the collection’s whitelisted users, who for the most part, are all ‘NFT influencers’ with thousands of followers.

It was revealed that many NFT influencers including Farokh, Zeneca, Andrew Wang and many others were some of the few notable names who were able to secure a whitelist spot to get early access to mint NFTs from the collection. Because of this, many have accused the collection of essentially just being an ‘influencer pump & dump.’

Many in the community have even accused some influencers of having possibly been somehow collaborating with the collection to advertise it to their audiences and raise the projects’ price.

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