RTFKT NFT Reveals Plans For 2023!

RTFKT NFT Reveals Plans For 2023! 

Recently, RTFKT has taken to Twitter to announce their future plans for the upcoming year, including some exciting new partnerships, pod burning, physical products, and more.

RTFKT’s NFT 2023 Journey

According to the team, 2023 will be the year where they focus on “foundations, core collections, creating and making the Future happen.” With the aim of creating quality projects and initiatives, the RTFKT team have announced that they are working on revamping their website as well as creating new experiences for holders.

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First, the team announced the shipping of their physical products, including their “phygital sneakers.” RTFKT says this will be a momentous occasion for holders and the project overall because this year will be the first time where people will get to see a lot of RTFKT physical items in day-to-day life.

The team also tells holders to anticipate more lore and initiatives relating to their Animus project. “you’ll discovers some of the insane work going into this next gen digital collectible IP.” RTFKT wrote.

Another exciting thing RTFKT NFT holders can look forward to this year is the many new partnerships that the team has reportedly been in the works of making. 

Finally, RTFKT announced that the long-awaited burning of their pods will take place effectively tomorrow, kickstarting RTFKT’s journey this upcoming year.

RTFKT Surges

Just earlier this month, RTFKT’s lack of communication and updates had led the community to express some bearishness and concern towards the CloneX collection. On January 20th, CloneX’s floor price had fallen by up to 75% within the past 9 months, sinking to a floor price of 4.8 ETH from its all-time-high of 19 ETH in early 2022.

This recent announcement from the RTFKT team however, has brought back some of the bullishness and excitement towards the project.

According to data from CryptoSlam, CloneX’s trading volume has surged by over 110% since the recent announcement and the project now sits at a floor price of 5.3 ETH at the time of writing.

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