Rarible & Magic Eden Compete To Make An Apecoin-Based BAYC NFT Marketplace

Rarible & Magic Eden compete to make an ApeCoin-based BAYC NFT Marketplace. Two big players in the NFT marketplace world are competing to be the one to create an exclusive marketplace for the BAYC community.

Rarible Vs Magic Eden

Last week, NFT Marketplace Magic Eden proposed to make an NFT marketplace solely for the Bored Ape Yacht Club community. However, it seems that Magic Eden isn’t the only marketplace up for this challenge.

On Wednesday, the 17th of August, Rarible also posted their proposal idea for creating an Apecoin-based NFT marketplace on the ApeCoin official forum.

Rarible’s proposal poses as new competition for Magic Eden as they suggested charging absolutely zero base fees for users to use the marketplace and would also aggregate listings from other notable marketplaces such as OpenSea and LooksRare.

Magic Eden’s Proposal

Magic Eden, on the other hand is proposing to create an NFT marketplace where users can bid using a combination of both ETH and ApeCoin. They also proposed to provide a discount on this platform for those who are buying NFTs using $APE.

Although not “free” like Rarible’s proposal, Magic Eden’s proposal is to create a marketplace with incredibly low base marketplace fees, as low as 1.5% to 0.75% for sellers, the proposal suggested.

Instead of asking for upfront $, we will build the @apecoin marketplace for free. We will dedicate resources across engineering, marketing & customer service to knock it out of the ballpark. Magic Eden said in their Twitter thread.

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With Rarible being a big Ethereum NFT marketplaces and Magic Eden being one of the biggest Solana-based marketplaces that just expanded to Ethereum earlier this month, these two have been the biggest players proposing and competing to be the one to create the exclusive ApeCoin-based NFT Marketplace.

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