Pudgy Penguins Partners With Retail Monster For Upcoming Toy Line!

Pudgy Penguins Partners With Retail Monster For Upcoming Toy Line! 

Pudgy Penguins x Retail Monster

Recently, Ethereum-based collection Pudgy Penguins has announced a new update regarding their highly-anticipated Pudgy Toyline.

The team announced through their Twitter that they had partnered up with Retail Monster, who will serve as the projects’ licensing agent and help “provide Pudgy Penguins with licensing opportunities from their extensive connections of world-class brands.”

The team also explains that their partnership with Retail Monsters will help “put our upcoming Pudgy Toyline on the shelves of retailers around the world.”

Retail Monsters is popularly known to have experience in representing some major brands in the past, including Disney, Dreamworks, and Hasbro.

“We are ecstatic that Retail Monster will be on this journey with us of becoming a household name and spreading the Pudgy Penguins IP to the masses,” the Pudgy Penguin team wrote.

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Pudgy Toy Line

The Pudgy Penguins team first announced their plans to launch a new toy line in August of 2022, causing the project to see its NFTs surge in trading volume and floor price by a huge amount throughout the year.

Bullishness for the project has been continually building for Pudgy Penguins as this new upcoming toy line could mean more visibility for the collection from the general public.

Earlier this month, Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz tweeted out a picture hinting at what the upcoming Pudgy Penguin figurines could look like, claiming that the “Pudgy Penguin toys will be so much more than a toy.”

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