NFT Analyst @Punk9059 Joins PROOF (Moonbirds) as New Director Of Research

NFT Analyst @Punk9059 Joins PROOF (Moonbirds) as New Director Of Research. “I see PROOF as the best platform to extend my work to a wider audience.” @punk9059 says.

@Punk9059 As PROOF’s New Director Of Research

Earlier today, Twitter user @punk9059, popularly known in the Web3 community for compiling data and creating analytical charts surrounding NFT projects, announced that they had joined the PROOF collective, the parent company of Moonbirds NFT.

Through a thread, @punk9059 explained that they will join PROOF to become the team’s new Director Of Research. 

My role will be a continuation of what I’ve been doing: combining analytics and narrative to make sense of the NFT space. I’ll be working closely w PROOF holders and continue to serve the broader NFT community. They stated.

This role sits at the intersection of work I’ve done across my career: (1) investment research at an investment bank; (2) building a start-up from 50 to 20,000 employees; (3) professional photography; (4) crypto and NFT analysis.

Community’s Reaction

Since the announcement, PROOF founder Kevin Rose has acknowledged the joining of @punk9059 on the team by tweeting “Thrilled to have @punk9059 join us as Director of Research. LG!

Aside from that, the NFT community have also shown extreme enthusiasm at this news. Many express how excited they are for the future of PROOF, knowing that @punk9059 ‘s work in analysing projects in the past have been acknowledged to be incredibly well put and helpful. 

Members of the community have also been praising the PROOF team for directly hiring someone that is part of and heavily involved in the community.

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