Mclaren Racing Reveals a Crypto-inspired Look For its Cars at Singapore

Mclaren Racing Reveals a Crypto-inspired Look For its Cars at Singapore

An event in Singapore on Tuesday,  Formula One (F1) McLaren Racing unveiled its new look for its racing cars, inspired by cryptography, ahead of next week’s Grand Prix.

The Design Represent the Emergence of New Technologies, McLaren says

“Behold the MCL36 in #FutureMode. 🔥To celebrate our partnership with  @OKX

 we’ll be racing at the #SingaporeGP and the #JapaneseGP in a bespoke livery.🙌,” tweeted McLaren. 

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The move is part of a planned partnership with OKX, a cryptocurrency exchange. McLaren’s MCL36 F1 cars will wear the livery at the Singapore Grand Prix and the Japanese Grand Prix in 2022, the first time these races have been held in Asia since 2019.

In this livery, McLaren uses the Fluro Papaya colorway with neon pink accents and a cyberpunk-inspired engine illustration.

“This looks amazing.. The neon papaya is much better balanced out and everything looks more cohesive. Great livery,” said one Twitter user

McLaren told CoinDesk that the design highlighted the emergence of the region’s new technologies, such as cryptocurrencies and Web 3.

OKX Chief Marketing Officer, Haider Rafique said “It was incredibly fun for us and McLaren to co-design the livery for Asia. This new livery signals the arrival of bold new technology. The cyberpunk design we created celebrates the influence of Web3 on popular culture.”

Revolutionizing the Racing Team’s Digital Collectible

OKX claims it will help McLaren revolutionize its digital collectible and metaverse strategies. In addition, a non-fungible token (NFT) platform will be built on Tezos by McLaren Racing in 2021.

This platform will display NFTs depicting the rich history and heritage of McLaren Racing and famous drivers.

Additionally, McLaren’s automotive unit announced earlier this year that it would be minting non-fungible tokens of its luxury supercars as part of a partnership with metaverse infrastructure platform InfiniteWorld.

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