Dookey Dash Ends, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer Assures ‘More Journeys Ahead’!

Dookey Dash Ends, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer Assures ‘More Journeys Ahead’! 

After almost one month following its launch, Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash game has finally come to an end this Wednesday. However, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer assures the community that this game may only be one of many more coming in the future.

More Journeys Ahead

Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker, caused excitement in the community recently after he tweeted out that despite the end of the Dookey Dash game, Yuga Labs has “a lot more in store” and “more journeys ahead” in terms of new gaming developments and initiatives. 

“I’m looking forward to blazing trails and having epic experiences with all of you along the way” Tucker tweeted.

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Earlier in January, Tucker had also given similar hints for Yuga Labs’ future initiatives involving Dookey Dash, tweeting that Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass tiers “make a world of difference” and that “tier also matters for future activations.”

What Now?

With the gaming period now ended, the Yuga Labs team will be calculating and validating the scores of players, making sure to review and eliminate any possible cheaters. According to the Bored Ape Yacht Club website, the final leaderboard will be announced on January 10th.

After this, the long-awaited Summoning event will be taking place on January 15th. Aside from the date, not much else has been revealed about this upcoming Summoning so far.

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