Tamadoge Ultra-Rare NFTs Goes Live on Opensea

Tamadoge NFTs are available now on OpenSea, with 100 ultra-rare pets available. Designed in the Tamagotchi style of the 90s, the Pets allow owners to take care of, feed, train, and play with them before battling with other users.

The Limited Edition NFT

As part of the Tamaverse, Tamadoge NFTs will be used to access and play the upcoming arcade games.

As compared with the rare and common collections, the limited edition, ultra-rare collection boasts more stats, including speed and agility, giving owners a greater chance at topping global leaderboards and earning more $TAMA.

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Tamadoge will airdrop a Puppy version of its main game to existing NFT holders upon its launch.

 In the main game, users will battle other players and various enemies, and this puppy version will grow and evolve as they progress. The company will also launch Rare and Common NFT collections in the near future.

The Price of TAMA

Tamadoge rose nearly 700% in a week after an incredible rally, but now the stock is in the dip-buying zone after a large correction.

Following the price correction to $0.06, TAMA rallied back up again, now poised to break out as the ultra-rare NFT collection is released.

On Tuesday, TAMA’s price hit an all-time high of $0.197, following a week-long rally that captured the attention of traders around the globe.

Several factors contributed to the price dropping suddenly on Thursday, including early presale investors taking profits and traders “selling the news” as more exchanges added TAMA.

Additionally, there is a possibility that markets were overextended following a massive rise a few days earlier.

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As the price consolidates above a support level at $0.06, traders can take up new positions again to prepare for the next move higher.

As TAMA becomes one of the top 3 meme coins in terms of trading volume, investors are continuing to be attracted to it. Tamadoge now trails only Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) in market capitalization.

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