Mass Resignation In Twitter Following Elon Musk’s Ultimatum 

Mass Resignation In Twitter Following Elon Musk’s Ultimatum.

As a result of Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO, issuing an ultimatum to employees asking if they want to work long hours or leave, Twitter has experienced mass resignations on every level.

Go “hardcore” or go “home”

Twitter employees may be considering quitting their jobs after Elon Musk’s ultimatum to either go ‘hardcore’ or leave with severance pay. Many have chosen to go home.

In an internal Twitter chat known as Blind, some shocking details were revealed about the employee exodus that might already be under way.

The app Blind allows employees to share information anonymously and verifies their work email addresses.

Around 180 employees participated in the survey, with 42 percent opting for the “Taking exit option”.

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Among those who resigned is Tess Rinearson, Twitter’s Crypto Engineering Lead, who left the company by tweeting a salute and emoji late on Thursday night.

According to her Linkedin and Twitter profiles, Rinearson was working for Twitter for just over a year, and her Twitter profile is now private.

“so, real talk: I am very proud of everything the crypto team started at twitter, and I am sad I won’t see it all the way through. but there are still LOTS of brilliant, thoughtful people at the company, and I am rooting for them, always,” she said on Twitter. 

Musk’s Steps

Four people with knowledge of the conversations have told the New York Times that Musk and his advisers held meetings with some Twitter workers who they deemed “critical” to prevent them from leaving.

A New York Times report revealed that he sent confusing messages about the company’s remote work policy, indicating that he was softening his stance about not allowing employees to work from home.

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A flood of resignations began to roll in by the deadline of 5 pm Eastern time, with hundreds of Twitter employees deciding to resign with 3 months severance pay. 

Afterwards, Twitter sent an email announcing that it would close “our office buildings” and disable employee badge access until Monday.

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