Largest Green Crypto, Raises $5 Million Within 2 Weeks After Its Presale

Largest Green Crypto, Raises $5 Million Within 2 Weeks After Its Presale!

ESG-conscious investors have already invested $5 million into the IMPT token within two weeks of its presale.

Online fundraising is the beginning of’s mission to revolutionize the carbon credit industry by making carbon offsets more accessible.

The Green Crypto,

The blockchain-based offset mechanism behind will simplify the process of managing carbon credits for shoppers.

Many top consumer brands have already signed affiliate partnerships with, including Amazon. That means anyone shopping on Amazon using the IMPT widget will be contributing to saving the planet.

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Additionally, has affiliate shopping agreements with Microsoft, Bloomingdales, GameStop, River Island, Macy’s, and Electrolux. selects audited environmental, social, and governance (ESG) projects that will benefit each retailer through the widget or app. Retailers can choose what percentage of their sales they wish to donate to each ESG project. will allow consumers to compare the sales margins for green projects offered by each of their favorite brands. By using the widget or app, consumers can earn IMPT tokens that can then be exchanged for carbon credits when they shop online or in-store.

The Way IMPT Works

Another core feature of the project is the ability to buy, sell, and retire carbon credits using a blockchain marketplace. By using blockchain technology, fraud in carbon credit trading can be eliminated, resulting in greater transparency.

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A person who buys crypto tokens can convert them into carbon credits, which can then be listed as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the marketplace. Additionally, the IMPT token rewards the retirement of carbon credits by exchanging them for collectible NFTs created by prominent artists, incentivizing the retirement of carbon credits.

In order to retire credits, they have to be burned, which involves sending the tokens to an address, which can only receive them (not send them) on the blockchain, effectively removing them from circulation.

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