FIOD Clarifies On The Arrest Of Tornado Cash Developer

The FIOD responds to the arrest of Tornado Cash’s developer! Here’s what they said! On August 17th, DeFi Education Fund updated the community about its recent interaction with the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) regarding the arrest of the Tornado Cash developer.

DeFi Education Fund and The FIOD

Previously, The FIOD, an agency in the Netherlands for financial crimes, announced the arrest of a man suspected to be the developer of Tornado Cash in Amsterdam. The name of the Tornado Cash developer is Alexey Pertsev, in which his wife confirmed the arrest a few days ago. 

Since then, many people have been discussing the arrest. Some were even surprised that someone could get arrested for writing a code. To clarify the news, DeFi Education Fund contacted The FIOD directly to ask some questions.

The Response from The FIOD

On August 17th, DeFi Education Fund posted some answers from The FIOD regarding the arrest of Alexey Pertsev. The FIOD is aware of the concern in the community. However, according to the agency, the developer may be punishable.

The FIOD responded, “About the concerns, the development of a tool is not prohibited, but if a tool has been created for the sole purpose of committing criminal acts, for example, to conceal criminal flows of money, then putting online/making available a developed tool may be punishable.”

According to the DeFi Education Fund, the response raised more questions. They also wanted to know the charges of Pertsev. The FIOD suspected that the man was involved in facilitating money laundering activity. 

When DeFi Education Fund questioned whether The FIOD worked with The US Treasury for the arrest, The FIOD answered by saying they had been investigating independently.

DeFi Education Fund closed the thread by promising the community to keep giving updates on the matter.

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