Yuga Labs Warns Of Possible Attack On NFT Community

Yuga Labs warns of possible attacks on the NFT community. The NFT community is no stranger to hacks and thefts of NFTs, but Yuga Labs warns that a big threat may be on the way for many in the NFT space.


Yuga Labs’ Warning

Through their Twitter account, Yuga Labs warns that their security team has tracked a persistent hacker group that is targeting the NFT space and seems to possibly be planning to launch a coordinated attack on multiple communities.

Yuga Labs also explains that these hackers may aim to attack NFT projects’ social media accounts, meaning users will have to be wary of scams that may be posted on a projects’ Twitter account, Instagram, or Discord.

This warning comes only 8 days after Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) co-founder, Garga, tweeted a warning that a hacker is actively trying to compromise his account.

Yuga Labs vs Hackers


Yuga Labs is no stranger to being hacked, just in April, the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Instagram account was hacked and compromised. The scammers then posted a phishing link that led to more than $2.8 million in NFTs to be stolen.


Since then, it seems that this group of hackers have persistently been trying to hack another of Yuga Labs’ social media accounts again. However, Yuga Labs warns that everyone in the community should be wary as any NFT project could be targeted and compromised.

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