Not BAYC But Yuga Labs Reportedly Earned More From Otherdeed!

Yuga Labs reportedly earned more from Otherdeed than BAYC! In just 3 months, Otherdeed have accomplished some impressive feats, including generating $1 billion in sales volume as well as overthrow BAYC in being Yuga Labs’ number one gain from royalties.

Found Data

According to data found and compiled on data provider FlipsideCrypto, this year Yuga Labs’ Otherdeed NFT collection seemed to have been able to successfully gain more in royalties than their most successful and popular collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Twitter user @punk9059 was able to compile all the this data and create two readable charts that show just how big the difference between royalty gains between Otherdeed and BAYC were this year.

The chart shows that despite only having launched in May, the Otherdeed collection was able to rake in around $47 million in royalties whereas BAYC only made around $31 million and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) $25 million. According to CryptoSlam, the Otherdeed collection was also able to generate more than $1 billion worth of sales volume in just 3 months after its launch.

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Hype Surrounding The Otherside

It’s no secret that one of the reasons why Otherdeed did so incredibly well these past 3 months is because of the hype and excitement that the community has around the upcoming Otherside Metaverse.

Not only did the Otherdeed collection have a relatively high minting price, but its price and trading volume would also spike every time the Yuga Labs team made an announcement on an upcoming Otherside Metaverse demo test or first trip.

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With more than 50,000 plots of virtual land NFTs available, a well-made Metaverse world where more than 4,000 players were able to smoothly play on during its demo test, and team members who promised to make the Otherside be the “best Metaverse possible”, it’s no wonder that so many in the community were rushing to own an Otherdeed NFT.

Because of this massive success in its early days, many in the community wonder whether Otherdeed will continue to succeed and even overthrow BAYC NFTs, or whether the hype will die down after the official Metaverse launches.

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