Y00ts Reaches 200K SOL In Trading Volume In Just 24 Hours!

Y00ts reaches 200K SOL in trading volume in just 24 hours! With the hype and excitement built up around the y00ts collection, it’s trading volume and price increase certainly has not disappointed.

Y00ts’ Success

The y00ts collection has proved itself to be one of the biggest hyped up collections at the moment when it received a staggering amount of trading volume in just 24 hours.

According to CryptoSlam, the y00ts’ t00bs collection was able to successfully make a total of up to 200,000 SOL, or around $6.4 million in trading volume within these past 24 hours.

y00ts trading volume
(y00ts volume, via CryptoSlam)

Despite the many hiccups and issues that were experienced by many in the community during the minting process, views and opinions on y00ts still seem to remain bullish as ever. 

The collection now continues to top the charts of OpenSea with a floor price of 170 SOL, or around $5,200.

Popular NFT influencer @punk9059 on Twitter also noted that despite the fact that these massive mint trading volumes arent necessarily a “new thing” in the community, they usually happen around established collections and are always impressive nonetheless.

The Rise Of Dust Labs

The reason for the y00ts collections’ massive success could be because of the team behind it. Dust Labs, also behind one of the biggest Solana collections in the world, DeGods, stirred up even more bullishness from the community after it announced a recent $7 million in funding.

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With the recent rise of the y00ts collection, the continued success of the DeGods and now, an additional $7 million in funds to further their NFT and $DUST token ecosystem, the NFT community seem to have agreed that both the comapny and their NFT collections may have continued success ahead of them.

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