y00ts NFT Collection Announces Launch Of New “Club” System

y00ts NFT Collection Announces Launch Of New “Club” System.

One of the biggest Solana-based NFT collections has just announced a new system that could potentially bring their community together even more and help to improve the project in the future.

About “Clubs”

Through their Twitter, the y00ts team explains that since their launch a few months ago, they have noticed an explosion of “subDAOs” within the y00ts community, with groups of holders gathering together and creating groups around their respective traits like n00uns (Nouns Glasses) and DeGolf (Sunday Shirt).

“We believe there’s an opportunity for Clubs to take this idea to the next level. In order to get there, we needed to improve the onboarding experience,” the team wrote.

Because of this, the y00ts team announced that they will be launching a number of tools to further these subDAOs, including creating dedicated group chats, multi-sig Club treasuries, as well as on-chain voting systems in the future.

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The team also hints at possibly creating the same “club” system for their other bigger NFT project, DeGods sometime in the future.

Previous y00ts Update

This new addition to the y00ts NFT collection comes just less than a month since one of their last major announcement, their new staking system.

Back on November 29th, the y00ts and DeGods team both announced their new staking system for their $DUST tokens, which would allow holders to earn points for every minute their NFT is staked, with y00ts holders earning ‘y00tpoints’ and DeGods holders earning ‘DePoints’.

At the time, the team explained that collected points from staking will help holders to earn prizes, including things like airdrops, physical items, as well as “sponsored brand activations.”

This announcement helped both collections’ trading volume and floor price surge by a massive amount at the time, with DeGods seeing a 700% increase and y00ts a 225% increase in volume 24 hours after its initial announcement.

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