Y00TS Delays Its Minting Process, Here Are The Details!

Y00Ts Delays Its Minting Process, Here Are The Details! Despite all the built up excitement for the past couple of months for this long-awaited collection, the community may need to wait another day for minting to start.

Delayed Minting

Just minutes before the y00ts collection was meant to launch its mint, the team announced that they will be pushing back the minting date due to certain issues.

On a twitter thread, the y00ts team explains that they will be delaying the mint by an additional date due to issues surrounding a “blocker bug”.

“Due to the nature of this bug, we do not feel comfortable bringing the mint live right now,” the team stated.

The y00ts team also seems to have predicted these blocker bug issues, emphasizing that they previously stated the predicted minting date to “most likely” take place on Sunday.

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More information on the changed minting date has yet to come, but the community expects the new minting date to take place in exactly 24 hours, meaning that people could officially start minting on Monday, 2PM Pacific Standard Time. This information has yet to be confirmed, however.

Continued Bullishness

Usually, when NFT projects experience unexpected issues after so much hype and excitement built around it like this, members of the NFT community may express disappointment or bearish views. 

The y00ts collection hasn’t seen much of this however, as many in the community have expressed continued bullish views on the y00ts collection. Many were very understanding on the need to push the reveal date for the sake of safety and a smooth running mint process.

In fact, for the past 24 hours, the DeGods collection continues to top NFT Marketplaces, sitting at a rank of second biggest collection in the past day in terms of trading volume, with a floor price of 746 ETH.

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