Y00ts & DeGods NFTs To Bridge From Solana To Ethereum! 

Y00ts & DeGods NFTs To Bridge From Solana To Ethereum!

Two of the biggest Solana-based NFT collections have just announced a massive change to their projects in bridging to completely different chains.

y00ts & DeGods’ Move To Ethereum

According to a new announcement from their official Twitter accounts, both the y00ts NFT collection and the DeGods NFT collection as well as their native token $DUST will be bridging from the Solana blockchain in order “to grow, we need to explore new opportunities,” project founder Frank DeGods said.

The two NFT collections will be moving to different blockchains, with DeGods moving to Ethereum while y00ts will be moving to Polygon. $DUST on the other hand, will be bridging to both Polygon and Ethereum.

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The team explains that further details on the bridge will be released in a future date, in the meantime, they tell the community to look forward to their upcoming roadmap to be released in January of 2023.

Project founder Frank tweeted his optimistic view on the change, explaining that a number of major brands like Starbucks, Nike, Prada, Disney and many others have already experimented and dived into Polygon, “I think hat the @y00tsNFT brand just got stronger, but let’s see,” Frank tweeted.

Collections Surge

Since this massive announcement, the two major collections have seen a huge surge in their trading volume. According to data from CryptoSlam, DeGods saw a rise of up to 250% in the collection’s trading volume within the past 24 hours since the announcement. The y00ts collection saw a similar success, with an 290% increase in trading volume within the past 24 hours.

Frank DeGods acknowledged these massive surges, tweeting “2023 gonna be a movie,” in reference to their upcoming bridge next year.

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