Why OpenSea Removed All Solana Projects From Their Trending Page

Why OpenSea Removed All Solana Projects From Their Trending Page

Disabling SOL NFTs

The leading Ethereum NFT Marketplace OpenSea has just announced that they will temporarily be disabling all Solana projects from being visible on their trending page. 

Through their Twitter account they stated: “We’re in the process of temporarily making Solana collections ineligible for Top and Trending on our homepage… We’ll provide more information as we explore a long term solution“.

This decision was arguably a big deal to many in the community as Solana-based NFTs are the second biggest in the marketplace after Ethereum NFTs. Often times, major Solana projects like DeGods or Y00ts could be seen in the trending page ranking alongside some of the other biggest NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

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The Reason Why

The reason for OpenSea’s decision to do this is most likely due to the sudden influx of fake, scam, and wash-trading-based Solana NFT projects that has been rising in the platform recently.

With the NFT space having been in a heated debate about 0% royalty fee projects, the community has been seeing quite the rise in wash-trading; a tactic where users trade NFTs back and forth between their own wallets to inflate the price of the collection artificially. 

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In order to avoid these NFT projects that have been inflated based on wash-trading, the OpenSea team has just decided to remove them from the trending page to help avoid users from seeing and investing in what most likely is, a scam collection.

Other Marketplaces

But OpenSea isn’t the only marketplace that’s suffering with an influx of wash-trading collections. Solana’s biggest NFT marketplace, Magic Eden has also been seeing its trending pages filled with collections that have been surging through artificial means.

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This is most likely due to the fact that just a few days ago, Magic Eden changed their policies and system so that royalty fees for projects are completely optional. With the option of turning royalties off, scammers are now able to wash trade more easily as they won’t spend much of their funds on what used to be spent on royalty fees. 

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