What Went Wrong With A Kid Called Beast NFTs Minting Fail

What Went Wrong With A Kid Called Beast NFTs Minting Fail. 

“A Kid Called Beast” is the latest Ethereum-based NFT to garner attention and hype in the NFT community, with unique art and promoting itself as an augmented-reality digital collectible project, many were looking forward to the collections mint on January 15th. However, many technical issues in the minting process have since caused mass complaints from the public.

Minting Issues

Complaints against the collection and its team started to pour in when many users noticed that they were unable to mint their NFTs, despite already having been put into the WL. Users then began noticing that many of their wallets, which had been cleared to mint the night before and given the WL were seemingly removed from the team without notice.

A Kid Called Beast co-founder @Rafsby later on Tweeted a number of apologies and explanations for the issues that many users were facing trying to mint. He explains that multiple users’ wallets were removed due to the team hiring a “wallet analytics company” to look through suspicious-looking wallets or wallets that “do not align with the projects’ values” and removing them.

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This in turn caused even more protests from the public, with many complaining that it’s not fair for users to be judged based on their wallet due to many users using burner wallets to mint, thus not accurately representing the users’ NFT activities. Many have also complained about how the team made this decision without proper notice to the public.

These events have led a lot of users that were previously enthusiastically waiting to mint their NFTs to be heavily let down by the team that have removed their wallets from WL so suddenly.

Team Apologizes

Since then, the team have apologized to the many users who have been let down and unable to mint. Co-founder @Rafsby ensures the public that the project isn’t a rug but that these were just unforeseen technical difficulties and a mistake on the team’s part.

Finally, Rafsby has tweeted announcing that the team has thought of a way to fix their mistake and will be revealing the details in a Twitter space sometime tomorrow.

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