What Is The OpenSea New “Bulk Buy” Feature?

OpenSea Announces New ‘Bulk Buy’ Feature, Here Are The Details!

Recently, Opensea announced on their Twitter, that they were making new changes and features to their platform, allowing users to be able to list and buy NFTs in bulk.

The New Feature

This newly implemented features that would allow all users of OpenSea to either list or buy up to 30 NFTs at a time. Those who wish to list their NFTs on the platform will be able to hover over the assets in their profile, and select the “+” icon to allow them to list up to 30 NFTs to list at one time.

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Bulk buying can also be done in a similar, with users being able to add up to 30 NFTs to their cart to buy at one time so long as the NFTs are on the same blockchain.

“We’re excited to [ship] this update & we’ll keep you posted as we make more improvements to the buying & selling experience on OpenSea over the coming weeks!” The OpenSea team said on their Twitter account.

Why This Is A Big Deal?

Many in the NFT community expressed excitement and joy at the announcement of this new feature on the platform.

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One of the biggest positives that many have taken a liking to from this feature is the fact that this will make so many things more efficient. Users who wish to buy multiple NFTs or ‘sweep’ a collection, for example, will be able to save a lot of their funds which would usually be spent on paying multiple gas fees.

Not to mention that this feature in itself has been something that the community has been requesting OpenSea to add onto their platform for quite some time now. 

This new added feature could be one of the moves OpenSea is actively trying to do in order to increase its trading volume since the platform lost quite some traction for the past couple of months. Just last month, OpenSea also announced that they will soon be supporting a number of other blockchains on their platform. 

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