Twitter To Allow Users To Buy & Sell NFTs Through Tweets

Twitter to allow users to buy & sell NFTs through Tweets

Among the heavy buzz of billionaire Elon Musks acquisition of Twitter, the social media platform has also recently announced its newest NFT feature.

The New Feature

Through the developers’ official Twitter accounts the team announced the launch of their new feature, ‘NFT Tweet Tiles’.

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Made in collaboration with some of the most major NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden, Rarible, Dapper Labs, and, this feature allows users to see expanded NFT links which can then be clicked to direct the users directly to the NFT listing on a marketplace.

All the NFT marketplaces on this feature span through a number of blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polygon, and Tezos.

This feature was first tested earlier this August when the platform was first really starting to expand its features into the NFT industry along with other features like their NFT hexagon profile pictures feature.

At the moment, Twitter representatives explain that the feature is still currently being tested “with select Twitter users across iOS and web.”

Social Media & NFTs

As the Web3, blockchain, and NFT space continues to grow, more and more social media platforms are seemingly becoming more open to welcoming features inclusive to these new technologies.

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Just back in September, Meta announced its new ‘cross-platform’ function feature for users to be able to display a verified version of their NFTs on multiple Meta platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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