Tiffany & Co Launches $50K CryptoPunk Pendants, Here Are The Details!

Tiffany & Co Launches $50K CryptoPunk Pendants, Here Are The Details! The luxury jewelry brand is giving out an exclusive chance for 250 CryptoPunks holders to turn their beloved NFTs into a limited-edition pendant.

About The Pendant


Tiffany & Co, a popular luxury jewelry brand, announced earlier today that it is launching its first NFT Collection designed specifically for CryptoPunk NFT holders. Those that buy one of these NFTs will be able to turn their CryptoPunks into a handcrafted Pendant by Tiffany & Co Artisans.


The limited-edition collection named “NFTiff” is extremely exclusive, with only 250 NFTs claimable, each with a price of 30 ETH (roughly around $50,000) to mint. 


The company’s website also claim that the handmade pendants will be made of a combination of 30 diamonds and gemstones that are the closest match to the CryptoPunk NFTs’ traits.

CryptoPunk holders will be able to purchase Tiffany & Co’s NFT collection starting from August 5th, until August 12th, 2022. After holders have bought their NFTs, the luxury brand will reportedly start delivering these physical pendants to holders later on in early 2023.

Community’s Reaction

The NFT Community has been extremely divided after the news of this new NFT collection because of its incredibly high mint price. Some in the community have criticized the jewelry brand for making the prices incredibly high, claiming that the pendants are simply just overhyped Cryptopunk derivatives.

Tiffany & Co And NFTs


This isn’t the first time that Tiffany & Co have ventured into the world of NFTs. Only earlier in March, the brand announced its very first step into the NFT space by purchasing their first NFT, a $380,000 Okapi NFT from Tom Sachs.


In April, unknowing to the community, Tiffany & Co teased the launch of their NFT collection by creating their very first CryptoPunk pendant for the company’s executive vice president and CryptoPunk enthusiast, Alexandre Arnault.


The pendant of CryptoPunk #3167, owned by Arnault himself, was made of rose gold, ruby, yellow diamonds, and sapphire. It has now become the reference for the upcoming CryptoPunk pendants that holders will receive in early 2023 next year.

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