This Pudgy Penguins NFT Just Sold For 400 ETH!

This Pudgy Penguins NFT just sold for 400 ETH!

The 400 ETH Penguin

Recently, the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection has been making a buzz in the community for their surge in popularity, floor price, and trading volume despite the current bear market.

Most recently, an investor became the center of attention in the NFT community after he bought a rare Pudgy Penguin NFT for a price of 400 ETH, or roughly around $627,000.

Although the NFT itself doesn’t look like much or very rare at first glance, the differentiating part about it making it rare and one of a kind is the fact that the penguin is left facing, rather than the usual right facing penguins in the collection.

Despite this, many in the community seem to be skeptical on whether on not this NFT itself deserves that high of a price, considering the fact that Pudgy Penguins’ current floor price is 3.89 ETH.

The buyer

Twitter user @KinkyBedBugs was revealed to have been the investor behind the massive Pudgy Penguins buy.

Having been a fan of the collection for a while, @KinkyBedBugs replied to the backlash of buying the NFT way above its market price by tweeting “Not going to let yall ruin the moment. I got what Ive wanted. Im happy. Life is good. Hell I never even thought this would ever be possible a year ago.

Previously On The Pudgy Penguins

The Pudgy Penguins collection has been having a notoriously big bull run, with its trading volume surging by over 200% this past month, according to data from CryptoSlam.

This rise of Pudgy Penguins this past month could be due to the excitement of many new announcements by the team, including the latest news and teaser for their new toy line collection featuring a number of Pudgy Penguins dolls.

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