Second Trip To Otherside Metaverse May Take Place At End Of This Year!

Second trip to Otherside Metaverse may take place at the end of this year! Recently, Yuga Labs’ released a new trailer teasing for the continuation of their Otherside Metaverse lore.

The Trailer

The animated trailer features the mysterious creature ‘Koda’ chasing after the ‘drink me’ potion that’s been featured in many official Otherside artwork previously, before landing in another world in which the potion ends up in the hands of a Bored Ape.

Along with the video, the team captioned “The story continues later this Q4”, causing a buzz among the community that the next trip to visit the Otherside Metaverse may take place by sometime at end of this year.

The last time the community saw these Koda’s were when they were tasked to fight against a mega large Koda in the Otherside Metaverse during its extremely successful ‘First Trip’ event. 

Along with excitement for the continuation of the ongoing ‘Koda’ lore in the Otherside, many in the community are just generally excited to be able to experience going into the Otherside, playing games and communicating with others in the Metaverse again for the first time since July.

Previously On The Otherside

Yuga Labs’ Otherside also recently made headlines after major artists Snoop Dogg and Eminem performed their newest song, ‘From The D2 LBC’ at the VMAs in a Bored-Ape Otherside Metaverse inspired performance.

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The performance not only featured animated versions of the two artist’s Bored Ape NFTs, but also featured the Otherside Metaverse’s mysterious Koda’s in them as well.

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