RTFKT CloneX Hints At A New Upcoming Project with Netflix?

RTFKT CloneX Hints At A New Upcoming Project with Netflix? Recently, RTFKT’s official Twitter account posted that they are currently ‘casting’ holders’ CloneX for a new secret upcoming project.

So far, there’s not much information or knowledge on what this upcoming project could be as the post didn’t give much detail other than the fact that they are going to choose and use certain holders’ CloneX NFTs to ‘shine.’

Did RTFKT Sign A Deal With NETFLIX?

Despite a lack of information in their post, there have already been multiple theories on what this upcoming project will be in the community, one of the most common theories being that RTFKT will create a movie or show with some holders’ CloneX NFTs as the main characters.

This theory is made even more possible with the fact that this secret project announcement comes only days after the CloneX 3D models were unlocked to the public.

Along with that, many in the community have brought up the fact that earlier this year, Netflix had tweeted “what are your thoughts on NFTs?” to which RTFKT studios had replied to with a gif. Could this have been a hint of the creation of a collaboration between RTFKT and Netflix..?

Not The First NFT Movie

The idea of creating a movie or series starring NFTs isn’t entirely a new idea as we’ve seen this being done multiple times, especially with Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Many Bored Apes have been used as main characters for media, like for Snoop Dogg and Eminems music video, Timbalands music video, as well as CoinBase announcing that they were creating a Bored Ape movie trilogy earlier this year.

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