Reason Why OpenSea CFO Resigns from His Position Amid The Bear Market

In the midst of a bear market, OpenSea chief financial officer (CFO), Brian Roberts has resigned from his position after just 11 months in the role, becoming the latest high-profile Web3 executive to do so.

Staying as an Advisor

“Well it is time for me to come ashore from the “open seas”. I’m grateful for the opportunity and proud of many accomplishments but none more than the strength of the finance team at OpenSea,” Roberts said on his LinkedIn

While he did not elaborate on his specific reasons for leaving, he mentioned he would remain with the company as an advisor in the future.

“I will be staying on as an advisor to the company,” he said.

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Previously employed by Lyft for seven years, Roberts was appointed CFO of OpenSea in 2021. Also, he has worked at US retail giant Walmart and technology company Microsoft in the past.

During his time at OpenSea, he was responsible for growing the finance department, “ “I had the rare opportunity to build a team literally from the ground up and handpicked game changers,” he said.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

In his statement, Roberts  has been working closely together with CEO Devin Finzer and VP of Strategic Finance Justin Jow in order to ensure the transition, possibly indicating that Jow will assume the new CFO role in the near future.

“I’ve been working closely with Devin Finzer and the supremely capable Justin Jow to ensure a smooth transition,” Roberts said.

In spite of leaving his CFO position, Roberts remains “incredibly bullish on web3.”

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“I remain incredibly bullish on web3 and especially OpenSea. The company is heads down building and I assure you, the best is yet to come.”

The NFT firm’s Vice President of Business Development, Ryan Foutty, also announced his departure on Oct.7 via LinkedIn.

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