Pudgy Penguins Collection Surges After Reveal Of Its New Advisory Board

Pudgy Penguins collection surges after reveal of its new advisory board. Holders for the Pudgy Penguins are more excited than ever as the collection gains back hype at the news of their new advisory board.

Rise Of The Penguins

The Pudgy Penguins collection has been in the center of attention in the community this week for its massive trading volumes despite the current bear market. In fact, according to data from Lucky Trader Project Rankings, the Pudgy Penguins collection has seen a 215% increase in trading volume this past week, with a current floor price of 3.7 ETH.

The Pudgy Penguins now sits as the NFT collection with the second most trading volume within the past week, second only to Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

New Advisory Board

A number of new announcements this past week have been driving the Pudgy Penguins collections’ price higher and higher, one of which was news of its new advisory board.

On August 22, the Pudgy Penguins team announced the members of its new advisory board consisting of 9 professionals from across the world of both Web2 and Web3. 

These members included Alex Svanevik the CEO of Nansen, RJ Cilley the COO of Saks Fifth Avenue, Jordan Sterling who works on Meta’s partnerships team, Sanjay Raghavan the Head of Web3 at Roofstock, Chet Kuchinad the CPO at Save the Children, Bee Ngyuyen a General Partner at Limited Ventures, Paolo Morena an Advisor at SFX Ent & Fashion Nova as well as Pentoshi, a crypto trader dubbed the “king of the penguins”.

With some notable names in this advisory board, many in the community seemed to have been extremely bullish on the future of Pudgy Penguins. 

So bullish in fact, that on Monday, one of the biggest sales ever in Pudgy Penguins history took place after an investor spent 400 ETH on a rare Penguin NFT.

Previously With Pudgy Penguins

Aside from news of the advisory board, Pudgy Penguins other upcoming projects have also caused excitement among their holders, including their upcoming new toy line. 

Just last week, the Pudgy Penguins collection surged by more than 300% in sales volume after the announcement and preview of their new toy line, Pudgy Toys.

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