Pixelmon To Make A Comeback Despite Its Failed Art Reveal, Here Are The Details!

Pixelmon to make a comeback despite its failed art reveal, here are the details!

One of the most infamous NFT projects in the space is looking to make a big comeback soon despite having been laughed at and criticized heavily just earlier this year.

The Infamous Pixelmon Reveal

Pixelmon first launched back in February 2022, with promises to become a ‘triple A gaming experience’ with more than 10,005 NFTs of a pixelated Pokemon-inspired creature characters.

The collection was able to deliver extremely high-quality looking teasers and clips, causing the community to hype up the project even more.

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Pixelmon was even able to sell out within an hour of its mint’s launch, garnering more than $70 million in primary NFT sales at the time.

However, its art reveal was when the project quickly headed south. Many in the community were shocked and horrified to see that the NFTs they had bought were extremely different to those displayed in the teaser, and frankly, much uglier than was originally expected.

This caused the collection to immediately plunge, with the collection and its characters becoming the target of memes and jokes around the entire NFT community.

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Pixelmon To Make A Comeback

Since then, Pixelmon has made the big announcement of their upcoming comeback. The team revealed that earlier this year, the collection’s development was taken over by LiquidX, which had taken a 60% stake in the project. Because of this, LiquidX’s co-founder Giulio Xiloyannis will now be serving as the CEO of Pixelmon.

Aside from new leadership, the project also announced a new and clearer roadmap. The Pixelmon game which was first originally meant to have launched an alpha test version by the end of this year, has now set its alpha version to launch in Q1 2023, with a full release planned for some time in late 2023.

Members of the community have also been pleasantly surprised as Pixelmon have been publishing pictures and teasers of their new re-designed characters, which have definitely improved in graphics and visuals.

Aside from that, the team have also been posting teaser videos of their actual gameplay, which has brought more attention onto the collection again.

Though some members of the NFT community still remain skeptical about the team and their project, others are hoping that this comeback may help bring Pixelmon back onto the spotlight, this time for more positive reasons.

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